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Increasing your strength off the mat for strength and power on the mat

Yoga has more to do with the energy that you do have and less to do with what you don’t have. The key is about how you utilise this energy. I’ve been training for over 25 years and have become stronger in my practice with more experience and using my body with greater efficiency. Once you have the technique honed, the results are surprisingly good.

Many yoga postures require a great amount of physical strength and power, however all require technique to harness that strength and power. Here are some helpful tips to get better at the postures you think you CAN'T do:

1. Weight bearing or body weight exercises to build inner body strength. Not only do weight training exercises assist in maintaining bone density but lead to greater core strength. The best of the best are squats, deadlifts and bench presses. They are multi joint movements that require the most out of you for a full body workout. Think overload principle.

2. Calisthenics are the easiest way to get a workout and build strengthen and repair muscle. Body weight only, just like yoga.

3. Gymnastics. This sport builds overall strength, endurance, proprioception and flexibility.

To stay on point:

Focus on ALL your core muscles, not just the ones under that layer of insulation that only come out during the warmer months.

Try and maintain a consistent training program to add value to your yoga practice. Just like yoga and meditation are there to condition the consciousness training from any of the stated above conditions are there to condition the physical. When your conditioning improves, you’ll rely less on adapting your practice towards the physical and more towards the spiritual.

For additional info and feedback on your current training program, please don’t hesitate to connect

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