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Benefits of Yoga: Yoga for Clarity

When our lives are in a bit of a scatter and our thoughts and emotions become erratic the decisions we make are based on compulsion and reaction rather than making sound decisions of consciousness and awareness. By making your daily yoga a practice, not a just habit, it will instil discipline and commitment towards well being. Remember, this will not only benefit you but will ultimately benefit others and build on foundations that are lasting and solid.

Focus is one key that will unlock the barriers and boundaries that you may have subconsciously built for yourself. When your mind is focused there is nothing but the experience at that moment that you need to be aware of. Your energies that are comprised of your mental, physical, emotional and body are harnessed into one channel that will get you moving in the right direction like a Japanese bullet train and if your fears of suffering have been removed, only then can one move forward.

When you begin your next practice focus on your breath the entire time. Aim to maintain its length from the inhalation to exhalation without force or pressure to breath (ensure your exhales are twice the timed length of your inhales). It should feel like you’re smiling the whole time and without any urgency. The body will only allow you to breath to its fullest capacity if it is relaxed. So, let the mind go for a wander, but don’t focus purely on the thoughts and emotions that arise. Come back to the breath and focus.

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