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Don’t hesitate because if you hesitate, life will pass you by.

Is it wise to do yoga when you’re tired, exhausted and not feeling the vibe?

The answer is an empathic YES!!! Practising yoga doesn’t have to involve a marathon of exertion on your part. You may be tired, frustrated or not coping with one of the many stressors that involve your life. This sensory meltdown affects your internal wiring and battery which may make you feel it's all refusing to recharge. And to combat all this we begin to embrace the external hits of the green bean or the spirited grape drink (in a stemless Reidel I might add).

Whatever the escape, it will not lead you back to the pathless journey that brings genuine happiness. One of the reasons you are battling fatigue like a boxer in the 12th round is that the energy you have accumulated of the fresh past is weighing you down and it is costing more of your own energy to carry it. Yoga is method that releases (low vibrating) energy and replaces that void with (high vibrating) energy.

We accumulate from memory and impressions and in some cases those experiences aren't always moments of let’s say unsurpassed joy. This is all just energy and how we choose to let go of or hold onto this is entirely up to us. Take the time to just meditate, even for a minute and watch that minute cultivate like a nurtured plant to several minutes. Let the practise evolve. Learn, read and overstand about yourself and what triggers the issues of the past and future. Be the observer of that trigger and don’t react to it like a rash. Just observe and observe again. No judgement or expectations.

Soon the energy that you desperately wanted to get rid of is now dissolving back into the universe without speculation. Those days that you don’t feel like practising yoga, don’t hesitate because if you hesitate, life will pass you by. We should all have that feeling of FOMO when we question whether we’re too tired to practise yoga.

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