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Time taste for adults CORUM Golden Bridge Stream Bridge Automatic


As we age, our pursuit of quality gradually increases. At different ages, we will adjust our dressing taste. So does the replica watches on sale you wear have different choices because of this? From Admirals, Bubble watches to Golden Bridge watches, CORUM has been around for more than a century. Its multi-faceted product line allows players to grow from a young man who loves sports to a man who can stand alone. In line with the corresponding watch design, some people say that you can know your personal taste by looking at the watch you wear on your hand. When you enter the world of adults, a Golden Bridge watch with unique craftsmanship can open up your adult taste.

Adult Taste Point 1:

Looking for inspiration from architecture, an advanced version of the double-hand formal watch

Don't want to stick to the general dress discount replica watches or sports watch design, the Golden Bridge watch takes the simple double needle to a higher level! If you grew up in the 1970s and 1980s, the world economy was taking off, and luxury and wealth were almost synonymous with the era. After experiencing the quartz crisis, CORUM's Golden Bridge series was born in this era. The geometric shape and linear movement are like a bridge connecting two places. The Golden Bridge series is inspired by the Golden Gate Bridge, which spans the San Francisco Bay and the Golden Gate Strait. When completed, the Golden Gate Bridge was the longest-span suspension bridge in the world. The so-called A suspension bridge is a suspension bridge. It is composed of tower steel bars and has a clear steel frame structure, which exactly echoes the mechanical structure design of the Golden Bridge Watch.

The early Golden Bridge watches were mainly square cases, with a transparent case and a linear movement as the main vision of the entire watch. After entering the new millennium, CORUM introduced a barrel-shaped case design, which was not added until 2016. The Golden Bridge watch with a round case is launched. Compared with the original Golden Bridge, the latest Golden Bridge Stream Bridge Automatic watch has strengthened the decorative structure of the watch. The hollow face plate decorated with diamonds echoes the combination of Golden Bridge watch and architecture, and the streamlined square case Decorated with VVS grade trapezoidal diamonds, it has a more gorgeous Art Deco style, echoing the most unique linear movement of CORUM in the center of the dial. replica Jacob & Co watches

Adult Taste Point 2:

Mechanical watch movement is the key point

When I was playing with watches when I was young, appearance may be the first choice when buying a watch. As an advanced buyer, buying a mechanical watch, the inner beauty is the focus of collection! Different from the traditional arrangement design of the movement, the biggest feature of the Golden Bridge watch is the linear movement inside. When the watchmaker Vincent Calabrese originally designed the In-Line Baguette linear movement, he felt that many people focused on the watch when buying a watch. The appearance of the model ignores the importance of the movement. However, CORUM's Golden Bridge watch not only has excellent mechanical craftsmanship, but also regards the movement as the main vision of the watch! Arranging the barrel, the three winders, and the balance wheel completely presents the structure of the movement, thereby creating a straight-line design like a bridge. replica Ulysse Nardin Diver Watches

The original movement of the Golden Bridge watch was quite delicate and delicate in structure, and the crown was located on the back of the watch, making it very difficult to adjust. After entrepreneur Severin Wunderman took over CORUM in 2000, the structural design of the Golden Bridge watch was even greater. The improvement not only moves the watch from the back of the watch to the 6 o'clock position, but also adds a buffer wheel system inside to make the winding structure of the movement more complete, while allowing you to appreciate the layered beauty of the linear movement.

CORUM Golden Bridge's linear movements initially used manual winding mechanisms. In 2011, an automatic winding version was launched for the first time, and the Golden Bridge Stream Bridge Automatic watch is equipped with this CO 313 automatic winding movement. It took 4 years to develop the CO 313 movement. The biggest difficulty during production was that the space available for the movement was quite limited. Finally, CORUM adopted a linear linear track design and a square automatic plate made of platinum to enhance the winding of the watch. efficiency while retaining the visual beauty of a linear movement. replica Grand Seiko Heritage watches

Three key points for adults’ taste:

Fun for adults, weightier feel design

The Golden Bridge Stream Bridge Automatic watch is made of white gold. Its design is inspired by the modern streamlined architecture that was very popular in the 1930s. The diameter of the watch is 31mm✕42mm. The streamlined rectangular case is more elegant than the round case. It is highly recognizable. Due to its slight curvature, the sapphire crystal glass mirror also conforms to the curve of the case and is more curved. The CO 313 movement in the center of the dial and the streamlined decoration on both sides have an architectural level under the mirror. Turn over the back of the watch, and the automatic disk moving up and down is like a transparent elevator in a skyscraper, which is quite visually interesting.

Tired of wearing ordinary formal double-hand watches, this CORUM Golden Bridge Stream Bridge watch presents the simple double-hand in a more layered way. In addition to the interesting structure, the diamonds set all over the case and lugs further highlight the wearer's appearance. Its extraordinary identity, coupled with the special design of the Golden Bridge watch, is a unique choice for adults’ watches! Richard Mille replica Watches


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