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Operated Shemale Pics

This shemale porn picture gallery I had my dick cut off - post op shemale comparisons was found on at Sep 10 2016. It contains 22 shemale pics and has been watched 2092 times in total and 1797 times today.

operated shemale pics

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Sometimes I feel like a beautiful cow, a beautiful cow with huge udders swollen with milk, a beautiful cow that feels the need to be milked. Sometimes I feel just like that, but although I have gigantic boobs too, I don't feel the need for my big tits to be milked, but I feel the need to be milked a little further down between my legs. Between my legs I keep my milk, in two big shaved balls full and swollen with tasty shemale milk, and between my balls there is also a big shemale cock with which I can be milked. All I need is a handsome guy like you, who wants to get me on all fours completely naked, with my big boobs and my big balls dangling, and put a hand on my shaved balls to feel how hot, swollen and full they are, and the other hand on my nipples to caress, squeeze and pinch them to make me aroused. And if you do it right you will feel my nipples, my balls and my cock swell and my shemale cock getting completely erect and hard, and when my shemale cock is erect you can start milking me, using your hands, your lips or your mouth. And if you masturbate me... oh sorry, you will...

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This naked slut lives in my building and at least once a day he knocks on my door already naked and with his ass open, fingered and lubricated, because he knows that as soon as he enters my house, I slam him on the table and slam my cock in his ass. And he knows that after I penetrate him, my cock won't come out of his ass and won't stop tormenting it for hours. I bang this whore's ass every day, for as long as I want and how I want, and this whore can't get enough. And if I don't break his ass long enough and deep enough after a while I find him naked again at my door wanting more, this slut in heat really needs a big shemale cock in his ass, and the weirdest thing is that although I buttfuck him every day for hours, I don't even know his name, not that I care, an ass is an ass, and my tranny cock always wants to fuck.

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