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Post Impact - Il Giorno Dopo Online Free

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Defining a URL structure on an international website is a critical decision for every online business operating on a global scale and serving localized content in different countries. The chosen setup can have many impacts: on a technical perspective, it can limit (or not) the server architecture; on a user perspective, it can be more or less easy to be understood; on a SEO perspective, it can be more or less performing in driving qualified organic traffic to your website.

A somehow related question is the role played by the restrictions to the movement of people, goods, and services, on the economic impact of a pandemic. Clearly, such restrictions made it possible to contain the diffusion of the contagion (and the related human costs and indirect economic costs). However, at the same time, reducing mobility has a dramatic direct economic effect, as it limits the benefits of globalization. In a recent article, Voth (2020) posits the following question: how much mobility should a globalised world have Since globalization increases the risk of a new pandemic, according to Voth (2020), in the next future humanity should consider the possibility to limit unnecessary mobility of people to prevent future outbreaks of new pathogens, while preserving free exchange of goods and capital, as very few diseases are transmitted by contaminated goods. 153554b96e


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