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When to start yoga after coming back from an injury

Recovery from an ailment or injury could take weeks, months or even years for some but by reducing recovery times you can start to focus your energy on all the other important matters in your life!

Your recovery program should start a few days after the injury and incorporate an effective rehabilitation program (with an exercise professional) which includes yoga and meditation with a highly skilled teacher aka guru, not an instructor as they are two polar opposites.

The last injury that I can remember was Cockatoo’s years ago (I rarely injure myself now after increasing my yoga practice to daily). I ensure that I make at least 10 minutes per day to meditate and an hour or so for yoga. These requirements may differ for you and are purely based on your own timetable and schedule but try to have at least 30 minutes per day to include both a physical practice combined with a nonphysical one. This will create a habit and yoga and meditation will soon become infused into your daily routine like a morning coffee or tea.

Your mind and body adapt to both stimulation and non stimulation very easily (less than a week), so I would encourage you to make this a priority. When meditating, try unmanifesting on the pain if there is any and focus purely on releasing this energy on the specific spot.

Remember that everything is made up of vibrational energy and letting go of the mental is just as important as letting go of the emotional and of the physical attachment. The sooner you focus on moving on, the sooner you’ll get to mobility. And mobility for some is total liberation.

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