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Pranayama Series: E4. Bastrika Pranayam (Bellows Breath)

This breathing technique is designed to purify and cleanse the bodies from the energetic to the physical. Bastrika promotes in unblocking the Ida and Pingala Nadis so that the energies will flow freely for an over all well-being. This will ultimately bring balance to all of your energies and provide you with clarity and compassion towards the self.

This video will explain Bastrika Pranayam (Bellows Breath)

- Start sitting in a comfortable position and place one hand on the belly just above the naval and the other gently on the knee or thigh.

- Ensure that the spine is upright as the energy is meant to travel up in the direction of the spinal column.

- Begin to take awareness of your breath and slow the breath enough until you are experiencing a 1:2 ratio (6 seconds inhale; 12 second exhale)

- Expand the space in the middle of the torso by taking the breaths deeper and longer.

- Begin to inhale almost in silence, then with a sharp contraction of the diaphragm exhale while relaxing the shoulder and chest muscles through the nostrils. The contraction will draw the breath out of the lungs.

- Practice this breath at a medium pace for 20 rounds.

- After the round breath with a normal breath for 5-6 breaths and complete another two rounds each followed by a normal breath.

I hope this helps!

* Remember as in all breathing practices, there are cautions. Please check with a medical expert if you are unsure if you should be practicing this exercise .

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