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Pranayama Series: E3. Kapalbhati (Skull Shining Breath)

Kapalbhati is a shat kriya breathing technique that enables the student to cleanse the body from within using their breath. Derived from an ancient language of Sanskrit ‘Kapal’ means forehead and ‘Bhati’ means shining. Practicing this method will give off a warm glow on the forehead and aims to brighten the intellect.

Benefits of Kapalabhati include cleansing the lungs and entire respiratory system, purifying blood and enhancing oxygenation to the cells, improved digestion, strengthen abdominal muscles, helps to prepare the mind for meditation and energise the mind.

This video will explain Kapalbhati (Skull Shining Breath)

- Sit comfortably in any position (also try half lotus) with the spine upright and palms facing upwards on the legs

- Begin by breathing into the nose whilst lifting the spine and focusing on the belly area as it expands on the inhale and relaxes on the exhale.

- Take a long breath into the lungs and contract the belly inwards to the spine, a slight pause then exhale sharply into the belly by expanding the abdominal wall.

- Repeat at a slow pace for 20 rounds followed by relaxed breath for 1-2 minutes.

- Repeat for a total of 3 rounds.

I hope this helps!

* Remember as in all breathing practices, there are cautions. Please check with a medical expert if you are unsure if you should be practicing this exercise .

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