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Make yoga (meditation) a habit. Ingrain it into your DNA

I often get asked: “how often do you do yoga?” I answer with “everyday”. This answer does not paint a picture of me performing an asana marathon for eight hours straight and then in meditation for another twelve. I make the time that works, and this sets me up for the entire day.

Yoga is considered practice in a more authentic sense rather than a class or session because this involves more than just the hour in mind and then going back to the life outside of meditation and self-realisation. For many this is just it. Pointless. You could just pay someone to stretch you and relax your muscles. But wait isn’t that called a massage?

Just like anything in life, in order to evolve there must be a consistent and effective practice that with yoga involves working less on the outer senses, improving on your relationships with others by honing your inward focus.

Without discipline and committing to spending time on the mat to just deal with you and you alone, you’ll be too worried about the page likes you have been banking on to feel good about yourself. The sooner you get a better understanding of yoga sciences, the sooner you realise that everything comes back to vibrational energy.

Strike that positivity pose in every aspect of your life even if you feel like your Saturn return is returning every other day. How you live on the inside has a direct correlation to how you live on the outside. If your natural state is joy and happiness, then share it. But remember, you can only be truly kind to others if you are already kind to yourself.

Make yoga (meditation) a habit. Ingrain it into your DNA. Since DNA is essentially energy, you will reap benefits at sub-atomic levels in your body and just because you don’t physically see it happening, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist or can’t work. It will help for years to come.

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