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Benefits of Yoga: Yoga for Stress Management

“Yogastha Kuru Karmani” is from an ancient scripture that is the Bhagavad Gita where the translation is to the effect of “how to act” with discernment (which also depends on the situation). One must be in a state of yoga prior to taking any action as this leads to decisions based on truth and fulfilment rather that of compulsiveness and suffering. Leading a less stressful state of being in our lives will produce pleasantness that will benefit both our spiritual aspirations and relationships with those around us.

How we discipline ourselves not only on the mat, but off the mat is one of the best approaches towards acting consciously. When we live and make decisions based on compulsiveness the body and mind are always in a state of duress. Our vitality is low, and we are easily overwhelmed from the simplest actions. We tend to act first and then yoga later. Or when life gets challenging the yoga practice stops entirely thinking that you are too stressed so that sitting and being still is asking way too much. Ask yourself if you are currently a slave to your subconscious and determine whether your mind is working for you.

One major source of unhappiness and misery is that we begin to tether ourselves to the external and material because our lives aren’t going in the direction we want or expect it to be going. They are all purely excuses and subconscious methods of how we self-promote suffering and ego. Stress always comes from an internal source and you need to look inwards and not around you.

To cultivate a constant state of joy, begin by increasing the flexibility in the mind, relinquish any stress related aspects of your life and be open to personal transformation. Whenever you begin meditating, start your practice when it’s the busiest and noisiest as you will be challenged both mentally and physically. The external agitations will create disturbances that your mind needs to let go of and focusing purely on your breath will assist in that one single point of concentration. Be non-attached to any outcome our achievement as expectations could lean towards disappointment if what you aim to find isn’t readily available. Yoga takes time and patience. Anything worthwhile that promotes transformation over fluctuating change doesn’t happen overnight. If you have time to scroll the internet or social media upon waking, you have time to mediate.

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