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Access your higher consciousness and find your truth

Many people will experience yoga in their lifetime and live their natural state of inner peace and bliss. While others may not even have the opportunity to practice yoga to access their higher consciousness. Or possibly it maybe a case of refusing to let ignorance fall to the wayside and allow themselves to tap into a glimpse of their true and ultimate reality. Whatever the path they choose, it should be a conscious decision to do so, not a subconscious battle over fear of making the wrong or right choice, nor it be an act on behalf of the unconscious mind.

Yoga is about being conscious and elevating consciousness. Practicing yoga is about observing and realising the self through consciousness. And this is perfect. We call it practice because we continue to let our minds and bodies distract and veil us from this already perfect state. We become overly obsessed with our outward senses in such an enslaving way that promotes confusion, self-doubt and resistance ultimately leading us away from our truth which can only be found as we look inward.

For your next yoga practice (meditation is also considered yoga), set no intention for your practice which relates to the external (physical) or mental (mind). This could also be considered an intention not to have an intention, but surrender yourself to the experience and remember to follow the breath.

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