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Yoga: Sports and Recovery Focus on Lower Back 

Here are a several yoga postures to help develop and restore lower back muscles.Theses asanas will assist in lengthening muscles that tend to tighten during sport, work, stress and injury.

All these postures will also enhance core strength and stability due to the nature of body weight conditioning.

In yoga, there are several types of breathing techniques used when in poses. Taking a natural approach of a long inhale and relaxing inhale will enhance the effectiveness of these postures. Keep in mind that muscles will follow how the central nervous system acts and adjusts to stimulus. The more relaxed the breath is, the easier it is to stretch the body. Hold all poses for at least 5-6 breaths (1 inhale and 1 exhale count as 1 breath) to get a great stretch and time for the muscle and mind to relax.


All postures will benefit the Hips, Sacrum, Lumbar spine thus improving vitality while improving posture


Start in Warrior 2 pose. Turn lead foot to side of mat (90* as the outsides of feet are parallel to the mat

Start with hands on hips and chest parallel to floorBreath in to widen chest muscles, engage thighs and begin to fold towards floor. Ensure spine is remains as neutral as possible as you lower for this will properly release the hamstring and calf muscles. From here you could option to bind ankles and bring corn of the head to the mat. 


Sit on a block with the legs on either side and begin to lower chest to thighs. Rest the forehead on the mat and lead arms next to feet with upward facing palms.

If it's more comfortable, remove block and sit hips between feet.

Inhale into the upper back and exhale into the lower back and hips


Sit with feet on floor and knees to chest

Begin to elevate feet off mat and hug knees closer to chest to get forehead to rest on knee caps

Inhale into back ribs and exhale shoulders down


From downward facing dog, begin walk feet to front of mat . Take feet shoulder width and bend knees.

Draw the chest to the thighs and place hands though the leg past the heels

lifting from the arches of feet lightly press the outer thighs to edge of mat

Breath into the lower back and exhale into the neck and head 


Lie face down on mat and press both hands downwards into the floor from the lower rib area. Squeeze the ankles together and relax the backs of the leg sand glutes

As you extend the arms ensure the should is directly above the wrists

knees and thighs off the floor while pressing solely into the hands and tops of feet 


sitting with legs wide, lean to right side and bend opposite knee to ribs.  As you bind the opposite foot to hand, draw chest to sky. option to tilt head down to knee, 


Breath into entire side body that is being lengthened. After several breaths, switch sides

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