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Escape From Cubicle Nation From Corporate Prisoner To Thriving Entrepreneur

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I am very glad to see the steam api.dll thread again finally. I tried to install and play for ages, but was fustrated the whole time. Always the same error message, it would try to update steam properly and if I would agree it, it would say finaly Steam apication not installed and everything, I could do nothing anymore.. I had google, many forums, different designers recommended me not to install the steam api.dll as described on here, and I did it anyway... Now it runs, but it only shows the title screen and you cannot open the newly installed game.. So, first I must say thanks to all designers and forumers who bear with me for all this time! Now I would like to ask who had the same issue and solved it somehow....

So after my first install was a failure (see below), I tried a second installation. The problem described above still exists, the steam app sais the game will not start. I tried to resolve this by installing a second steam, but this also did not work. As described in the thread below, I did a clean install once again, but this time I tried to copy all steam files from a backup (share folder), but when playing for the first time, I get a error window, where steam says that the steam_api.dll has an error, but I do not know which part to check. The error only has a red x in the small box at the top left side, that states that I need to download the steam_api.dll file. This download will be done automatically when I start the game for the first time.

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