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20% Off Kindle Fire Family HDX Tablets In Amazon UK Sale

First released to US customers in 2011, the Kindle Fire was marketed as a more affordable version of tablets like the iPad. From the beginning, Amazon intended to make a profit through sales of content from their website and app store, rather than the device. By 2012 it was the most popular tablet after the iPad, with sales of 7 million. Each new version has improved software function and added utility, without massive increases in price. In 2016, the Fire HD 8 was released, it came equipped with a virtual assistant called Alexa.

20% off Kindle Fire family HDX tablets in Amazon UK sale

During the Black Friday sales you can often find the cheapest Kindle Fires as prices are slashed by many retailers. In years gone by, Amazon, Argos, and Very have all cut prices on their electricals, with discounts of up to 20% off Kindle Fire tablets. However, you can also find Kindle Fire deals in the UK from major retailers at other times of year, especially during sales events in summer, winter, or on bank holidays.

The announcement has added serious fuel to the fire in the battle of the tablets in the run up to Christmas and comes just hours after Nokia entered the tablet market with its Lumia 2520 and Microsoft started selling its new Surface devices.


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