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Once the hacker has access to the Facebook Account he can refresh the broken header link. The hacker then has access to other profile information he login and steal them. Usually this section of the profile is used to transfer funds. I am still not sure if the hacker steal the password by accessing the private key stored in various browsers. Moreover, the hacker can recover the password by asking the user for permission to his account.

Protecting your Facebook account is important. If you plan to work on the Facebook site, we suggest that the password is unknown and complex to the system; a password such as “1234567890” or “1234567890-ç“ are secure and should be kept like this for every account.

The hacker may use hacks in order to get what he wants. For this, he can use Air Pocket, is a hack tool which allows him to steal data from personal computers. This tool may be installed on the sensor or in the operating system. The hacker place a malicious program on his computer and then will have the information that is stored on the computer, which allow him to see what’s in your computer.

Yes, if the hacker login Facebook account by personal data like usernames, passwords and emails he can easily hack it. So we will clear user password, which is not secure by User Password and then to use antivirus software to secure the hacked Facebook account.

We perform this activity because we have carefully evaluated the security system of Facebook, which has failed us. A password with less characters such as “password” or “1234567890” can easily be hacked. d2c66b5586


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