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Sex With Pierced Penis [CRACKED]

Sex with genital piercings is exciting and can bring pleasure to a completely new level. However, it can also be a somewhat tricky affair before you get used to it. This goes both to the person with piercings and their partner. It is therefore recommended to take necessary precautions that will ensure satisfaction for both partners.

sex with pierced penis

There are certain things to keep in mind if you wish to have sex with genital piercings. The number one thing is safety. Genital piercings do not prevent you from enjoying sex; in fact, they can make sex even more exciting and arousing. However, the jewelry itself may prove to be problematic for some people. Furthermore, a specific care has to be taken about condoms.

However, once this period is over most piercing owners will be able to proceed with sex without a problem. Sure, some adjustments and changes to sexual routine are to be expected, but you should not encounter problems. If these problems persist, it is advisable to consult your piercer or even a medical provider. You should be able to have sex with genital piercings. In fact, some piercings are specially targeted to make sex even more enjoyable. At worst, it should be a neutral change, but it should not prevent you from having sex.

The discomfort is often reported for anal sex. Being a receiving partner during anal sex can become uncomfortable or even painful. In the case of multiple penis piercings, the issue is even more pronounced, especially if the man has large gauge piercings or if the jewelry makes the penis particularly rugged or wide.

Many people wonder about penis piercings and sex. Is it possible? Is it pleasurable? There is no universal answer to these questions but the good news is that many people find penis piercings extremely pleasurable.

In fact, penis piercings tend to be so pleasurable that they are often considered functional piercings. In other words, they have a function beyond aesthetics: they improve sexual pleasure for the wearer and his partners. Of course, not all penis piercings have equal effect but many do make sex more exciting and pleasurable.

Is all of this true for anal sex? A great thing about genital piercings is that they can generally work for many different sexual activities. Sure, not every single piercing will be equally amazing for all types of sexual activities or for all users. However, many penis piercings can enhance anal sex as much as they can enhance other types of sexual activities (vaginal sex, oral sex, etc.)

However, it is important to be careful. While most people do not suffer any injuries or problems it is important to know that sex with a penis piercing does bring some risks. You and your partner need to be very careful. This is particularly true for beginners who are only starting to enjoy anal sex with pierced penis.

Jewelry can change sensations. Think about this when choosing your penis jewelry. If you and your partner find your existing jewelry too intense, try wearing smoother jewelry pieces with smaller beads. On the other hand, many people find smooth yet larger jewelry sexually arousing. There are many rings with big beads or barbells with huge beads you can use for stimulation during anal sex.

If you are looking for benefits from a more orgasmic, sensual perspective however, you might be surprised at how much of an impact such a piercing can have. A bar piercing through the head of the penis, for example, could mean that your partner experiences new sensations during penetration.

As with all piercings, there can be some risks with piercing of the genitals. The obvious risk is the risk of infection during the procedure. To that end, if you are considering a new genital piercing, ensure you visit a reputable piercing studio.

If you have larger penis jewellery, then you may struggle to get a condom on at all. There is light at the end of the tunnel, however. If condoms are your chosen form of contraception, and your penis piercing is established, you can safely remove the piercing temporarily to allow for safe condom usage in line with the pack instructions.

Feeling more confident with condoms and your cock piercing? Why not explore our range of condoms online today? Not sure which size is the right fit for you? Explore our condom size chart which is certain to help guide your way.

I frequently get asked which of the male genital piercings is the best for providing additional stimulation to a female partner during intercourse. Or, as it has been more crudely (but clearly) put to me, "Which cock piercing is going to make my girl scream with pleasure when we're f*cking?"

The earliest known references to genital piercings can be found in the The Kama Sutra, the traditional Sanskrit text on sexuality, eroticism and emotional fulfilment. The book describes genital jewellery, such as pins and penis inserts, as ornamental, but also as a means to increase sexual pleasure for both partners. Meanwhile, the Dayak tribes of Borneo were likely the first known group of people to embellish their privates with piercings, often passing shards of bones through their penis glans.

Picture it: New Year's Day 2004. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. I'm days away from turning 21 and am rife with bad decision-making potential when a visiting out-of-state friend asks me to show her a wild night on the town.

A Prince Albert piercing is a penis piercing done by inserting a barbell or other jewelry through the urethra, and out of the underside behind the head glands. This type of piercing got its name from the belief that Queen Victoria's husband, Prince Albert, had a penile piercing in this style.

Among these trends was the wave of body piercing to excess (see: Xtina circa '02), with the popularity of genital piercings becoming quickly normalized, especially in touristy party towns like Myrtle "Deep Fried Vegas" Beach.

Look, the package reveal is the big gamble to any sexual encounter, but ample, proportionate, functioning penis on a well cared for guy plus jewelry designed for a partners' pleasure is like finding the Holy Grail.

His piercing was the kind with silver balls on the protruding ends of a curved bar that came out at the bottom of the head and on the tip near the urethra (for those of you who don't want to Google image search this).

See, the piercing isn't so gigantic that it completely changes the game; it just applies a little more direct pressure to a lover's interior G-spots. If the guy steering the penis doesn't know how to use it, the jewelry doesn't do much for his partner.

It worked best as an accessory to an already talented lover, and I can imagine a lot of guys getting pierced hoping it will up their game and then being confused as to why a simple piece of strategically-placed metal hasn't magically transformed them into legendary bedmates.

We are a team of dynamic researchers studying different aspects of sexuality, ranging from sexual arousal to painful sex. Many of us also help individuals and couples with sexual/gender issues through therapy, via the Sex Therapy Service located in Kingston, Ontario. As the Supervisor of this collaborative and vibrant lab, it is my pleasure to showcase the many wonderful students, projects, and resources on this site. Happy surfing! Dr. Caroline Pukall

During a night out with gal pals Brandi Glanville, Jessica White and Somaya Reece, the former Danity Kane singer, 32, dishes about a wild night in the bedroom with the Jersey Shore alum, 36, and his, ahem, manhood.

We acknowledge the traditional custodians of Country across Australia and honour their continuing connection to the lands, waters and cultures, and pay respects to Elders past, present and emerging. We recognise the ongoing impacts colonisation has within Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and honour the significant contributions of all First Nations people working towards ending all forms of violence

Part I of this two-part look at penis jewelry discussed the basics of penis piercing, popular types of piercings and what to look for in a piercer. This installment goes into more depth about recovering from a penis piercing, typical side effects and when you should see a doctor.

Given a penile piercing is in a naturally moist area, covered most of the time and difficult to keep clean, the first concern is infection. However, it is normal to have some reaction to the trauma even without an infection. Over the subsequent days or weeks after getting your penis pierced, you can expect some discoloration, itchiness, irritation and a whitish-yellow discharge. As it heals, a crust may form, but it is easily rinsed off.

There's an added twist: Some people get additional sexual stimulation from their own piercings and those of their partners. Piercings in the penis head, especially in the frenulum, can greatly increase stimulation for the guy. The frenulum is the hypersensitive band of skin just below the urethral opening on the underside of the penis where a Prince Albert piercing comes out.

"They make sex more fun," said Dan, a 45-year-old Redditor from Philadelphia who has a Prince Albert and an ampallang, which is a side-to-side piercing through the penis head. "I'm circumcised, and it brings a lot more sensations. It's definitely something that I recommend, although it's a commitment. The feeling is incredible once it heals."


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