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Outlaws Corwins Treasure

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Unlock the mystery behind the story of the famed bandit Corwin in this thrilling hidden object adventure! A unique story with realistic atmosphere in a rustic wild west setting. Find hidden objects and play challenging mini games to find a long forgotten treasure.

William, these people are not what we thought they were! They are treasure hunters. And Bill here is the key to our treasure. The famed Corwin's Treasure to be more specific. They say he lived here in hiding until his death and his treasure is buried somewhere in this town.

From the mesa-like northern edge, along the warningarroyos of the Cimarron, where erosion, Nature's patientsculptor, carved miracles of artistry in the towering clays,shales, and sandstones, to the great sand hills billowing[189]along its far-flung other edges, this barren waste of drearysand and grisly alkali was a vast, simmering playgroundfor dancing heat waves and fantastic mirage, and itstreacherous pools of nauseous, alkaline waters shrunkdaily from their encrusted edges and gleamed malignantlyunder a glowering, molten sun. Arroyos, level plain,shifting sand, and imponderable dust, with a scrawny,scanty, hopeless vegetation which the whimsical windsburied and then dug up again, this high desert plateau laylike a thing of death, cursing and accursed. It sloped imperceptiblysouthward, its dusty soil gradually breakinginto billowy ridges constantly more marked and withdeeper troughs, by insensible gradations becoming lowsand hills, ever growing more separate and higher until atlast they were beaten down and strewn broadcast by morepersistent winds, and limited by the firmer soils whichwere blessed with more frequent rains to coax forth athin cover of protecting, anchoring vegetation. To thewest they intruded nearly to the Rio Pecos, a stream whichin almost any other part of the country would have beenregarded as insignificant, but here was given greatnessbecause its liquid treasure was beyond price and because itwas permanent, though timid. 59ce067264


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