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Download Oracle Developer 6i For Windows 7 64 Bit Extra Quality

Download Oracle Developer 6i For Windows 7 64 Bit -

Download Oracle Developer 6i For Windows 7 64 Bit Extra Quality

i am using oracle 10g with forms and reports 9i. i too have some issues in only 2 forms where the entire data entry is done. When i try to open these forms the program closes . All other forms (60) and reports (250) are opening in windows 7 32 bit.I had to copy the 32bit version of jvm.dll files to make oracle 10g work on windows7 32 bit. i happened to see this post and have downloaded the 2 dll files. i need a clarification regarding the patch 3 or17, 18 ,19 which is being said by many friends here. should i have to just copy these 2 dll files in developer suite bin folder or find out these patch set.

Hello ecalleUnfortunately, you will not able to download the installer packages any further from Oracle repositories. As developer suite installers are not widely used by others other than your best bet for the same would be finding some organizations still running Oracle client server applications, which are developed using 6i Development tools.

dude, if you have the problem while installation as OS error of getting value path that means that the environment variable path is more than 1031 character ,your solution is to backup all the paths included in this variable then make it less than 1033 character then install oracle developer 6i after that you get the old variable path you backed up,also after you install oracle 6i on win 7 64 bit you will need to install patch number 18 to insure the maximum performance and avoid any runtime errors.

"A PERMISSION DENIED ERROR while trying to copy E:\oracle 6i\ path to c:\windows\system32\MSVCRT40.DLL". Would you like to retry the operation, ignore the error, or allow the error to be processed by the installer". 153554b96e


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