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Celine Dion - It's All Coming Back To ME Now (Lyrics)

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Celine Dion - It's All Coming Back To ME Now (Lyrics)

It's about obsession, and that can be scary because you're not in control and you don't know where it's going to stop. It says that, at any point in somebody's life, when they loved somebody strongly enough and that person returns, a certain touch, a certain physical gesture can turn them from being defiant and disgusted with this person to being subservient again. And it's not just a pleasurable feeling that comes back, it's the complete terror and loss of control that comes back. And I think that's ultimately a great weapon.[2]

Eroticism is implied in the lines 'There were nights of endless pleasure' and 'The flesh and the fantasies: all coming back to me'. The song ends with a passionate, quiet reprise of the chorus. Critics have also identified Wagner, of whom Steinman was an admirer, as an inspiration. Specifying this song, The Sunday Times said "the theme of Wagner's opera Tristan and Isolde, with its extreme passions and obsessive love, informs all his best work".[3]

"It's All Coming Back to Me Now" is the first track on Canadian singer Celine Dion's fourth English-language studio album, Falling into You (1996). Jim Steinman produced the track, with Steven Rinkoff and Roy Bittan credited as co-producers. Bat Out of Hell and Meat Loaf collaborators Todd Rundgren, Eric Troyer, Rory Dodd, Glen Burtnick and Kasim Sulton provided backing vocals. This version utilized a modified version of the original Pandora's Box track with Caswell's vocals and certain instrumental passages removed.[19] It peaked at number two on Billboard Hot 100 for five weeks, becoming the thirty-fourth biggest number two Hot 100 hit of all time.[20] The full-length version of the song is the version that appears on Falling into You and is seven minutes and thirty-seven seconds long. A radio edit of the song was made, which appears on all editions of Dion's first English-language greatest hits album, All the Way... A Decade of Song (1999), and lasts for five minutes and thirty-one seconds.

Meat Loaf said that he was in tears when he first heard the song, which he stated is "the only time that's happened".[96] He has also said that the song could refer to Steinman and himself, with an array of emotions coming back every time they work together. Referring to lines like 'when I kiss you like that', he said that although "I love Jim Steinman", he wouldn't French kiss him.[97]

This version of the song replaces the word 'nights' with 'lights', in the line 'There were nights of endless pleasure'. The ending of the single version is different, concluding with an additional 'We forgive and forget and it's all coming back to me now'. The album version, following those recorded by Pandora's Box and Celine Dion, ends with Raven whispering 'And if we...', followed by four piano notes.

As the band slowly picked up behind him, history began to repeat itself as Jake continued, "I mean, it's been 15 years. I wasn't sure I'd remember how to host. But being here, tonight, it feels like everything is suddenly...coming back."

And when you kiss me like this(It's all coming back to me now)And when I touch you like that(It's all coming back to me now)And if you do it like this(It's all coming back to me now)And if we 59ce067264


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