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((FULL)) Download Team Viewer Portable Zip

The publisher seems to have pulled the new release and is serving the 11.0.53254 release from December for both standard and portable downloads even though the main download page still shows 11.0.55321 as the current version.

Download Team Viewer Portable zip


@ConstantinWhat you forget to tell to JT (and probably everybody else...) is that in the download page we don't have the typical TeamViewer Portable is only included in the Premium licenses or higher like in TV Manager or TV Msi. But then, after downloading what we 1st assumed to be a freeware soft (for personal use), we find out in the readme.txt : CAVEAT: Using TeamViewer 5 Portable requires a TeamViewer Premium or Corporate license. !!!It still works but we can't change settings (even the language*) unless we change nosave=0 in TeamViewer.ini. But doing that makes it using the registry to save settings so it's not a portable app anymore.note: for the language, the workaround is to remove the extra language files TeamViewer_Resource_??.dll

  • There are tons of different remote desktop sharing applications available on the web, but TeamViewer still seems to be one of the most popular.With that, we have a portable version of TeamViewer which requires no installation. Essentially, it's the same as the original application but it does not require installation; you can run it from virtually anywhere including USB memory sticks and thumb drives.The application relies on computer IDs and passwords which can be set up easily by following easy directions.Easy remote technical supportTeamViewer Portable is capable of providing technical support by sharing access to a users' desktop while also providing the ability to transfer files and create screen captures. Users of may also access the printer of the remote system.Even though the free versions of available are stripped down versions of commercial products, they are still pretty good for remote desktop sharing.Cross-platform remote access including MacTeamViewer Portable is not just limited to helping users of Windows systems either as it can also connect to users who are running the software on Mac systems, Linux as well as mobile platforms.In the end, TeamViewer Portable is certainly a capable application which transfers files, shares desktop and provides access to the printers connected to remote machines.Features of TeamViewer PortableChat: Send and receive messages in real time.

  • Cross-Platform Support: Connect to Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile.

  • Customizable: Create custom settings and configurations.

  • File Transfer: Transfer files from one computer to the other quickly and securely.

  • Multi-Platform: Accessible across multiple operating systems and devices.

  • Online Meetings: Conduct meetings with up to 300 participants in a secure manner.

  • Presenter Mode: Share presentations with remote participants.

  • Record Sessions: Record remote sessions for future reference.

  • Remote Control: Access and control computers remotely from any device.

  • Remote Printing: Print documents from a remote device.

  • Screen Sharing: Share screens with remote participants.

  • Security: 256-bit AES encryption for secure data transfer.

  • Wake-on-LAN: Wake up a computer remotely over the Internet.

  • Whiteboard: Collaborate with others using shared whiteboards.

Compatibility and LicenseIs TeamViewer Portable free to download?TeamViewer Portable is provided under a freeware license on Windows from remote desktop software with no restrictions on usage. Download and installation of this PC software is free and 15.40.8 is the latest version last time we checked.

A full download is recommended, but users can choose to download the portable zip file of UltraViewer, so the program runs without ever even downloading it. In this case, the file remains the same size but will be lacking certain features. These features are listed in the series of documents, tutorials, and other FAQ also offered for free directly on their website. 041b061a72


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