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Vishwaroopam { HD } - Kamal Haasan, Shekhar Kapur ( Hindi Dubbed Full movie ) - YouTube

Viswaroopam Movie Download in Hindi Dubbed in Torrent: How to Watch the Action Spy Thriller Online

If you are a fan of action spy thrillers, you might have heard of Viswaroopam, a 2013 Indian movie written, directed, and produced by Kamal Haasan, who also plays the lead role. The movie has been praised for its gripping storyline, stunning visuals, and stellar performances by the cast. But did you know that you can watch Viswaroopam movie in Hindi dubbed online using torrent? In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about Viswaroopam movie download in Hindi dubbed in torrent, including what the movie is about, why you should watch it in Hindi dubbed, and how to download it safely and legally.

viswaroopam movie download in hindi dubbed in torrent

What is Viswaroopam Movie About?

Viswaroopam (also known as Vishwaroop in Hindi) is a 2013 Indian action spy film that revolves around the life of Vishwanathan, a classical dancer living in New York with his wife Nirupama, a nuclear oncologist. When Nirupama hires a detective to spy on her husband, she discovers that he is not who he claims to be. He is actually a former RAW agent who has been involved in a covert operation against a terrorist group led by Omar Qureshi. As Vishwanathan's past catches up with him, he has to face his enemies and protect his loved ones from danger.

The Plot

The movie begins with Nirupama confessing to her psychiatrist that she married Vishwanathan only for getting a green card and that she is having an affair with her boss. She also reveals that she has hired a detective named Wisam to find out more about her husband's background. Wisam informs her that Vishwanathan is actually a Muslim named Wisam Ahmad Kashmiri, who was involved in the 2008 Mumbai attacks. He also tells her that he has planted a camera in their apartment to record their conversations.

Meanwhile, Vishwanathan gets a call from his old colleague Ashmita, who asks him to meet her at a dance academy. There, he meets Colonel Jagannath, another former RAW agent, who tells him that Omar Qureshi, the leader of the terrorist group Al-Qaeda's Indian branch, is planning another attack on the US. He also reveals that Vishwanathan was part of a covert operation called Operation Wisam, which aimed to infiltrate Omar's network and stop him. However, the operation was compromised when one of their members, Salim, betrayed them and joined Omar.

Vishwanathan agrees to help Jagannath and Ashmita in stopping Omar's plot. He also realizes that Wisam is actually Salim in disguise and that he has been spying on him for Omar. He confronts Salim at his apartment and kills him after a fierce fight. He then takes Nirupama and escapes from the FBI agents who arrive at the scene.

The movie then shifts to a flashback where Vishwanathan's past is revealed. He was born as Wisam Ahmad Kashmiri, a Kashmiri Muslim who joined RAW after his family was killed by terrorists. He underwent rigorous training and became an expert in martial arts, weapons, and languages. He was assigned to Operation Wisam along with Ashmita, Jagannath, Salim, and others. They posed as Al-Qaeda recruits and infiltrated Omar's camp in Afghanistan. There, they learned that Omar was planning to detonate a dirty bomb in New York. They also befriended Omar's son, Farukh, who was unaware of his father's activities.

However, their cover was blown when Salim revealed his true identity to Omar and exposed the other agents. Omar captured them and tortured them for information. He also killed Ashmita in front of Vishwanathan. Vishwanathan managed to escape with the help of Farukh, who realized that his father was a terrorist. He also stole Omar's laptop, which contained vital information about his plans. He contacted Jagannath, who arranged for his extraction. However, Omar and his men chased them and shot down their helicopter. Vishwanathan survived the crash and fled to India with the laptop. He then changed his identity and became a classical dancer.

The flashback ends and the movie returns to the present. Vishwanathan, Nirupama, Jagannath, and Ashmita (who is revealed to be alive) board a plane to India with Omar's laptop. They plan to decrypt the data and expose Omar's network. However, Omar and his men follow them and hijack the plane. A violent confrontation ensues between the two sides, resulting in several casualties. Vishwanathan manages to kill Omar and his men and save the passengers. He also reveals his true identity to Nirupama and tells her that he loves her. The movie ends with Vishwanathan and Nirupama embracing each other.

The Cast

The movie features an ensemble cast of talented actors who deliver impressive performances in their respective roles. Here are some of the main cast members and their characters:



Kamal Haasan

Vishwanathan/Wisam Ahmad Kashmiri

Pooja Kumar


Rahul Bose

Omar Qureshi

Shekhar Kapur

Colonel Jagannath

Andrea Jeremiah

Ashmita Subramaniam

Jaideep Ahlawat

Salim/Wisam Ahmad Khan


Vishwanathan's uncle

Miles Anderson

Dawkins, an FBI agent

Zarina Wahab

Vishwanathan's mother

Samrat Chakrabarti

Farukh Qureshi, Omar's son

The Controversies

The movie faced several controversies before and after its release due to its sensitive subject matter and portrayal of certain communities. Some of the controversies are:

  • The movie was banned in Tamil Nadu by the state government, citing law and order issues, as some Muslim groups protested against the movie for allegedly depicting their community in a negative light.

  • The movie was also banned in Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Singapore, and some parts of the Middle East for similar reasons.

  • The movie was leaked online before its release by some unknown hackers, who claimed to be from Pakistan.

  • The movie faced legal issues over its title, as another filmmaker claimed that he had registered the title Viswaroopam before Kamal Haasan.

  • The movie was criticized by some critics and audiences for being too long, complex, and violent.

  • The movie was praised by some critics and audiences for being a bold, innovative, and thrilling cinematic experience.



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