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Easy Christmas jigsaw puzzles for kids! Welcome to the beautiful world of holiday!challenge. We all know and love the World of Christmas. We all know and love Santa, Tooth Fairy, Christmas Tree, Candy Canes, Snowmen, Presents and Presents, We also know and love Angry Birds. But what you do not know is that there is even more in this World.The World of Holiday Challenge is a Complete Jigsaw Puzzle game for all ages, which includes a Christmas World Jigsaw Puzzle and a Holiday World Jigsaw Puzzle. It is a fun game for all ages, in which you will be rewarded by the beautiful benefits of a healthy lifestyle, the summer is coming, so let's celebrate with the best gift: good health of your friends and families!

In this game you will have to make 25 different Christmas puzzles. The puzzles will be more simple, but still very interesting. We have added a lot of new features, such as Christmas Tiles, Flying Santa, and even Santa / Christmas Tree challenges. The game is very challenging, but fun at the same time.

**Out-of-date copies of this game are being sold on various non-Google mobile App Stores for prices well below their orignal retail value. In some cases, payment is not required, and in some other cases the price of the app is inflated by the inclusion of in-app purchase items that are not rightly trade-marked as "FREE".

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