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Easton Campbell
Easton Campbell

Skachat Mod Na Spor Dark Injection V8 Free

Welcome to the bargain Ferrari. Practical, sound great and with loads of room for the kids, the Mondial is the everyday Ferrari. It is the also the car that gets the most shade from Ferrari fans, often called the worst Ferrari ever. The Mondial was designed to combine the features of a sports car with a comfortable GT. It was built alongside the 308-348 ranges as the more practical Ferrari. The Mondial was a practical and usable Ferrari, and while the initial spec was underwhelming, Ferrari did make it progressively lighter and more performance focused with each iteration. The Mondial 8, just like the whole Mondial family, used a mid/rear-mounted V8 engine, featuring Bosch K-Jetronic fuel injection system. It was shared with the 308 GTBi/GTSi and was based on the unit mounted under the hood of the Ferrari Dino. The chassis was also shared with previous models, but was stretched by 3.9 inches. The suspension used unequal-length double wishbones and Koni dampers all around. Thanks to its construction, it was the cheapest Ferrari to maintain, because major services were performed without removing the entire engine/transmission subframe.

skachat mod na spor dark injection v8



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