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Village Ladies ((INSTALL))

Held on the second Monday of each month at various locations. Call Volunteer Services at (619) 233-8500, ext 1102, or email for more information. Upcoming meetings will take place as follows:

village ladies

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Leading up to Resident Evil Village's launch, there were quite a few questions about these characters: Are they vampires? Why are the daughters made of flies? And, not that anyone's complaining about this, but, why is Lady Dimitrescu so tall? Fortunately, all these questions and more were answered throughout Ethan Winters' informative trip to the titular village.

While that might have been the end for those three villagers, this was the birth of Bela, Cassandra, and Daniela Dimitrescu. During the flies' harvest, they absorbed each woman's DNA, allowing the bugs to mesh together to form three near-perfect copies of the humans they just ate. Upon observing the trio's newly formed bodies, Dimitrescu took them in as her own, and the family of four would go on to devour flesh, drink blood, and terrorize the denizens of Castle Dimitrescu for over 60 years before meeting their collective demise at the hands of Ethan Winters.

Reviewed by: The Problem with Chickens Hope Morrison McMillan, Bruce The Problem with Chickens; illus. by Gunnella. Lorraine/Houghton, 200532p ISBN 0-618-58581-8$16.00 R 5-8 yrs Set in a pastoral Icelandic village, McMillan's fanciful story details the bizarre occurrences following the purchase of chickens by the ladies of a village. Initially procured for eggs, the chickens start doing what the ladies do: attending parties, singing, gardening, having tea and cakes. When the chickens stop laying eggs altogether, the ladies admit they have a problem and come up with a rather roundabout solution; they start to exercise, so that the chickens will start to exercise, so that the chickens will grow strong, learn to fly, roost on the edge of the cliffs, and lay eggs. The ladies, who have subsequently grown strong from all the exercise, can then rappel themselves off the side of the cliff and gather the eggs. Listeners who are more logically inclined will question the odd solution, but those willing to buy into the nonsensical resolution will find this a satisfying, chuckle-worthy readaloud. This is the first picture book Icelandic painter Gunnella has illustrated, though her biography suggests that characters akin to the village ladies of this story appear frequently in her work. Her stylized oil paintings are striking in their folksy simplicity, and the rotund ladies juxtapose nicely with the round chickens. The questionable logic of McMillan's tale could serve as a talking point, as young audiences brainstorm better solutions for the chicken problem, though they are just as likely to enjoy this all by its whimsical self.

Of course, if the generations could be telescoped, it's easy to imagine Jane's and Barbara's village ladies exchanging pleasantries over a cup of tea, hot buttered toast, and mocha cake at the vicarage.

Most of their heroines - if that's the word for their main characters - tend to regard their carefully detailed world with the same ironic eye, quietly aware that they are superior to their menfolk, yet content not to compete with them. How Pym's ladies do insist on falling in love with the hopelessly wrong man! They see his faults and love him all the same.

Many of the pieces collected here evoke the atmosphere of village life in wartime England - the faintly humorous side, of course. It all goes to show that novelists can do more for history than the historians. Thanks to Barbara's keen eye and love for detail, we feel what it was like to make a nice cup of tea, put up the blackout, worry about evacuees and coupons while all the while history rages without. And, of course, there is the constant chatter.

A great event for Greece took place on Sunday evening, and I was lucky enough to witness it. I'm referring to the inauguration of the House of Literature - a converted hotel in the lovely village of Lefkes, on Paros, where authors and translators can stay to work amid the peace and beauty of the Cycladic isle. The village ladies had baked mouthwatering cakes; the parish priest gave a long, sonorous Orthodox blessing; and the island's dynamic new mayor, Yannis Ragoussis, welcomed the advent of the centre as part of his far-sighted plans to move Paros beyond the era of mass tourism. By sunset, the party was over. The people of Lefkes retired to observe something else of interest to Greece. You know the rest.

We can at least hope that the soccer miracle, with the Olympics in Athens hard on its heels, spurs publishers in Britain to take an interest in Greece that extends from the pitch to the page. On Paros, I found out about a shelf-full of recent Greek novels that deserve immediate translation. Take the work of Cretan novelist Rhea Galanaki, whose historical fiction prompts comparisons with Woolf and Byatt. A Century of Labyrinths, her latest, begins with the figure of the Cretan businessman who first excavated Knossos - only to have his discoveries eclipsed by Sir Arthur Evans. Then there's Thanassis Valtinos, whose intense and dramatic novels of wartime conflict - The Descent of the Nine and Orthokosta - count as landmarks in his country's literature. In Britain, 2.5 million bought Captain Corelli's Mandolin, which touches on some of the same raw wounds; surely a few might feel curious about a definitive Greek take on that period? As for Zyranna Zateli, revered for her village-based magic realism - this iconic novelist lacks a single English translation.

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It was time to go to phase 2 of the plan after village ladies started saving 25 paise every day; Tonse Madhav Anant Pai told them that their children were falling ill very frequently because they consumed only fish and rice.

1. The best investment is in your own business. Tonse Pai used this philosophy not only to nourish village children but to repay Cow loan as well & created long term revenue earning source for village households. 041b061a72


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