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Beginner's Guide to Half Time/Full Time Betting

Sports betting is on the rise, and one of the most popular forms of betting, especially at leading bookmakers, is football betting. For newcomers, understanding the concept of half time/full time (HT/FT) betting can be a bit challenging. What is HT/FT betting, and how does it work? Let's explore it in detail in this article with Wintips.

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What Is Half Time/Full Time Betting?

HT/FT betting is a widely used betting option in football betting. But what exactly is HT/FT betting?

Characteristics of Half Time/Full Time Betting

HT/FT betting is one of the fundamental bet types familiar to the betting community. Bookmakers typically provide odds based on the characteristics of the teams and the differences in their performance.

How Half Time/Full Time Bets Are Calculated

To be more specific, HT/FT bets are typically calculated as follows:

Draw: This outcome occurs if a bettor places bets on both the home team and the away team or loses by 0.5 goals. In this case, the stake is divided equally to determine the amount won or lost.

Win/Lose: If a bettor places bets on either the home team or the away team, they will either win or lose their stake based on the predetermined odds for each match.

Tips for Consistently Winning HT/FT Bets

For newcomers looking to participate in sports betting, starting with HT/FT bets can increase your chances of winning. Here are some tips that you can apply to HT/FT betting:

Prefer the Underdog in 1/4 Handicap Matches: In matches with a 1/4 handicap, most bettors tend to choose the underdog, especially when the home team is the favorite. This is due to the popularity of the home team and the larger fan base.

Opt for the Over in Matches Shifting from 1/4 to 1/2: When a match transitions from a 1/4 handicap to a 1/2 handicap, consider betting on the over option.

Assess Second-Half Performance: In cases where the halftime score is 0-1, and the match has a 1/4 handicap in the second half, you can bet on the under option to increase your chances of winning.

Use Multiple Betting Combinations: Combining HT/FT bets with other bet types can enhance your chances of winning. Look for bets such as first team to score, dominant win bets, first goal scorer, or no goals bets that favor the stronger teams.

Study Betting Odds Carefully: Betting odds reflect bookmakers' assessments of team winning probabilities. Research and analyze thoroughly to choose appropriate bets. However, always evaluate cautiously, as bookmakers may manipulate odds to attract bettors. Be particularly cautious when odds exceed 5, as the chances of winning are very low, and odds above 10 have a high likelihood of failure.

Manage Your Betting Budget: Proper bankroll management is crucial for long-term success. Divide your initial capital into smaller portions to participate in side bets, and bet with smaller amounts to allow flexibility in switching to different wagers.

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Important Considerations for HT/FT Betting

For newcomers to HT/FT betting, here are three important considerations:

HT/FT bets are commonly used in many matches where there is sufficient information to assess the winning probabilities of teams. This type of betting sometimes requires knowledge, research, and analysis from bettors, rather than relying solely on luck.

HT/FT bets with a 1/4 handicap are widely used in various matches. Newcomers can focus on studying this type of bet to start their journey in professional betting.

Betting strategy plays a crucial role in determining the outcome of each bet. Bettors should research the bookmakers and the matches thoroughly before making betting decisions to improve their chances of winning.

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In Conclusion

This article has provided an understanding of HT/FT betting for beginners, along with tips gleaned from professional bettors to increase your winning chances. Newcomers can read and start participating with small stakes, gradually improving their skills and reaping higher rewards. We wish you an enjoyable betting experience with this type of bet.


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