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Pillow-shaped clay minerals were the major components of the fine clay sediments of the crushing region, so the phyllite minerals mainly include characteristic strong swelling, low density and low calcium carbonate. The mechanical strength of typical phyllite in the crushing region was only about 20% of that of natural granite, and the fracture toughness was only about 2.5% of that of granite. These make the phyllite easy to plastic deformation in the crushing region.

Dynamics action of materials in the tectonic environment is closely related to the nature of the tectonic environment, including lithosphere structure and structure, lithospheric density, strength, deformation velocity, and realistic tectonic processes such as fault reactivation and earthquakes. Paleoseismology and physical experiment are the main methods of studying the development processes of lithosphere. Ecological research can considerably help to reveal some factors of Deformation Quantity and Stress intensity factors of rock mass.

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