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Easton Campbell

Download xinput1_3.dll for Windows -

XInput is an API that allows applications to receive input from the Xbox 360 Controller for Windows (part of the DirectX archive). It is therefore packaged with a vast array of PC games in order to give the gamer an option to use a controller. It does contain other similar functions of controller interfaces meaning even if the game does not allow the use of a controller, xinput1_3.dll and other files part of the archive may be needed.

You can easily download the name.dll file from our download page. Like Windows OS the DLL files also have 32-bit and 64-bit versions. If you are running Windows 10, Windows 7, or 8 64-bit versions then choose to download a 64-bit DLL file vice versa.

download dll xinput1_3.dll from dllme

Download apk:


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