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Due Imbroglioni E Mezzo Download 11

Due imbroglioni e mezzo 11

Due imbroglioni e mezzo 11 is a comedy miniseries that aired on Canale 5 in 2010. It is a sequel to the 2007 TV movie Due imbroglioni e... mezzo! . The miniseries stars Claudio Bisio and Sabrina Ferilli as Lello and Gina, two married con artists who have to take care of Nino, a 10-year-old boy who is the son of their former accomplices. The three of them get involved in various scams and adventures, while trying to escape from the police commissioner Di Mauro, who is determined to catch them.

The miniseries consists of four episodes, each with a different plot and setting. The first episode, La nave dei truffati, takes place on a cruise ship, where Lello and Gina plan to cheat at the casino, but end up in a diamond heist. The second episode, Specialità della casa: Spigola al bidone, revolves around a restaurant scam that goes wrong when they target the wrong victim. The third episode, Alla ricerca della classe perduta, follows the trio as they pretend to be teachers at a school, where they have to deal with unruly students and a corrupt principal. The fourth and final episode, Il riscatto degli imbroglioni, sees Lello and Gina trying to redeem themselves by helping a group of elderly people who have been swindled by a fake charity.


Due imbroglioni e mezzo 11 is a refreshing Italian comedy that combines witty dialogue, hilarious situations, and charming characters. The chemistry between Bisio and Ferilli is excellent, and they are supported by a talented cast of actors, including Carlo Buccirosso as the stubborn commissioner, Gianluca Grecchi as the smart and adorable Nino, and Gianluca Ansanelli as the clumsy inspector. The miniseries also features some guest stars, such as Paolo Conticini, Jonis Bascir, and Edoardo Pesce. The miniseries was directed by Franco Amurri, who also co-wrote the screenplay with Luca Biglione, Nicola Cometti, Patrizia Fassio, Domenico Matteucci, and Stefano Sudrié. The music was composed by Stefano Magnanensi.

If you are looking for a fun and entertaining comedy that will make you laugh and smile, you should watch Due imbroglioni e mezzo 11. You can find it on Mediaset Infinity , or on IMDb .


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