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Fela Kuti-Expensive Shit Full Album Zip


Fela Kuti-Expensive Shit Full Album Zip

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Download Fela Kuti-Expensive Shit Full Album Zip for Free

If you are a fan of Afrobeat music, you have probably heard of Fela Kuti, the legendary Nigerian musician and activist who pioneered the genre in the 1970s. Fela Kuti was not only a musical innovator, but also a political rebel who challenged the oppressive regimes of his time with his outspoken lyrics and defiant attitude.

One of his most famous albums is Expensive Shit, released in 1975. The title track is based on a true story of how Fela Kuti was arrested by the Nigerian police for possessing marijuana. The police tried to frame him by planting a joint on him, but he managed to eat it before they could catch him. They then detained him and waited for him to produce the evidence in his excrement. However, Fela Kuti allegedly used another inmate's feces and was eventually released. [^1^]

The song is a sarcastic and hilarious commentary on the corruption and brutality of the Nigerian police, as well as a celebration of Fela Kuti's cunning and courage. The second track, Water No Get Enemy, is a more philosophical and spiritual song that explores the power and importance of water in life. The song is inspired by a Yoruban proverb that says "water has no enemy". [^2^]

Both songs feature Fela Kuti's trademark Afrobeat sound, which combines elements of jazz, funk, highlife, and traditional African rhythms. The songs are also long and complex, with multiple sections and solos by various instruments. Fela Kuti plays the tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, piano, and vocals, while his band Africa 70 provides the backing vocals and percussion. [^3^]

If you want to download Fela Kuti-Expensive Shit full album zip for free, you can find it on various websites that offer free music downloads. However, be careful of viruses and malware that may infect your device. Alternatively, you can stream the album on YouTube or Spotify, or buy it from online platforms like iTunes or Amazon.

Expensive Shit is a classic Afrobeat album that showcases Fela Kuti's musical genius and political activism. It is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates African music and culture.Here are some possible additional paragraphs for the article:

Fela Kuti was not only a musician, but also a political activist who fought for social justice and human rights in Nigeria. He was influenced by the Black Power movement in the United States, and became a vocal critic of the military regimes that ruled Nigeria from the 1960s to the 1980s. He also advocated for Pan-Africanism and African unity, and denounced colonialism and neocolonialism. [^4^]

Fela Kuti's activism often put him in conflict with the authorities, who repeatedly raided his commune, Kalakuta Republic, which he declared as independent from Nigeria. In 1977, after he released the album Zombie, which mocked the Nigerian soldiers as mindless followers of orders, the army attacked his compound and burned it down. During the raid, Fela Kuti's mother was thrown from a window and later died from her injuries. Fela Kuti responded by placing her coffin at the entrance of the army barracks and writing two songs, Coffin for Head of State and Unknown Soldier, to protest the attack.

In 1984, Fela Kuti was arrested on charges of currency smuggling and sentenced to five years in prison. He was released in 1986 after an international campaign led by Amnesty International and several prominent musicians. He resumed his musical career and continued to speak out against the government. He also changed his middle name to Anikulapo, meaning \"he who carries death in his pouch\", to signify his invincibility.

Fela Kuti died on August 2, 1997, from complications related to AIDS. He was mourned by millions of fans across Africa and the world, who celebrated his life and legacy as a musical icon and a revolutionary hero. His music has


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