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Asian Handicap 1.5-2: Understand and Bet Effectively

Asian handicap king betting site handicap 1 3/4, is a popular handicap in the world of soccer betting, often appearing on the odds tables of bookmakers. Join us to learn more about this type of bet and tips for making effective bets.

Concept of Asian Handicap 1.5-2:

Asian Handicap 1.5-2 is understood as the upper handicap team will handicap the lower handicap team by 1.75 goals. This is a popular type of bet in soccer betting and offers attractive betting opportunities.

How to Calculate Wins and Losses:

Big Win (Goal Difference ≥ 3):

If the favorite team wins with a goal difference of at least 3, the bettor on the favorite team will win.

On the contrary, the person who bets on the underdog team will lose the bet and lose the bet amount.

Small Win (Goal Difference = 2):

In case the favorite team wins with a goal difference of 2, the bettor on the favorite team will receive half the bet.

On the contrary, those who bet on the underdog team will lose half of their bet.

Small Win (Goal Difference = 1):

If the upper team wins, draws, or loses with a goal difference of 1, the person betting on the lower team will win and receive the entire bet.

The person who bets on the favorite team will lose and will not receive any money.

Asian Handicap 1.5-2 Over/Under:

In addition, this type of bet is also known as "over/under 1 3/4." During the match, if the total number of goals is:

1, the person who bets on the over bet will lose, and the under bet will win.

2, the person who bets on the over bet will win half the bet, and the under bet will lose half the bet.

3 or more, the person who bets on Over will win the entire bet amount.

Tips for Effective Betting 1.5-2:

Grasp Team define bookmaker Performance: Analyzing the performance and current performance of the two teams will help you make better decisions.

Consider Confrontation History: Understand the confrontation history between the two teams, especially in recent matches.

Check the Force: Information about the squad and injured players can significantly affect the results.

Asian Handicap 1.5-2 offers attractive betting opportunities and requires a deep understanding of football to make the most of it. Let's follow the above tips to bet effectively and enjoy the world of soccer betting in an interesting way.

Extremely Effective 1.5-2 Betting Tips: Detailed Instructions

The 1.5-2 bet is a new type of bet, but to bet effectively, you need to master how to read the bet and accumulate knowledge and experience. Below are tips to help you bet 1.5-2 intelligently and increase your chances of winning big.

1. Choose the Right Time:

Choose approximately 10 minutes after the match starts to place your bet. During this time, you have the opportunity to better observe the actual situation of the team and ensure the stability of information.

2. Match Analysis:

Master information related to the match, including lineups, field conditions, weather, and all factors affecting the match outcome.

Understand both subjective and objective perspectives to build effective betting selection methods.

3. Choose the Right Bet:

In the first 15 minutes of the match, if the favorite team shows an advantage and the england bookmaker handicap remains the same, continuing to bet on the favorite team can be a creative and reasonable decision.

If the favorite team is in form and has an advantage, betting on them is a smart choice.

4. Game Situation Changes:

Follow match developments and change odds. If there are any fluctuations, consider adjusting your bets to optimize profits.

5. Pay Attention to Team Performance:

Is the upper team in better form and dominating the match? Or does the underdog team have positive signs? This determines your betting choice.


By applying the above tips, you will increase your chances of winning when playing 1.5-2 odds. Hopefully this information will help you make creative decisions and bring in big wins. Wishing you luck and success in the world of soccer betting!


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