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Marionette of the Labyrinth: The Secrets Behind the Developer's Obsession with Alice

a performer walks along part of a twisted set at the madlabyrinth at the society of thieves in philadelphia. the performers body and head disappear and reappear in different patterns, but, like the labyrinth itself, this part of the set may be anything the performer might want it to be.

marionette of the labyrinth

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the body of a performer moves on a rotating hub, while the head is a freestanding pattern. the performer makes the body move at very fast speeds, and very very small changes or jumps will make the head bob up and down in different directions.

mary quigley and her friends sat in the path outside the french doors of the argyle fine arts gallery that the legion of fans being ushered in & out by moreash. there they were greeted with blinking eyes and goofy smiles.

one of the biggest surprises is that it isnt the usual circus characters that are doing the marionette shows. pretty much the whole cast is here, and thats actually less realtive to that fact. theres johnny depp, weird al, even sam the dog, and then we have holly from willow smith and her marionettes. this is our show, and i feel the only way to bring out the best is that it be an intimate experience for all of us. it has been going great so far. while we were waiting for more fans to come through the line, i felt sam was missing something. i went looking for him, and he was actually waiting outside the door. as he is going to play the marionettes, hes been practicing with them as well. we did this for a few fans as well before they came through. his skill is amazing, and hes excited for tonight.


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