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Where To Buy May Lindstrom Products

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Where To Buy May Lindstrom Products

We are always working to find solutions that enable us to care for you, wherever you are in the world. You are welcome to check back with us as we'll continue to update this message to reflect current shipping availability.

I began laying the foundational bricks of May Lindstrom Skin in 2008 in my home kitchen with a very clear aspiration: I wanted to bottle a catalyst for connection to ourselves, a romance within our own skin and senses. That is what makes my heart flutter, what sparks my creativity, and where my most powerful energy and personal and professional contributions flow most freely.

This time has been challenging on a multitude of levels but it has also presented me with an invaluable gift. The past year has given me the space to turn my focus inward, to remember why I built this company, where we have come from, and to reimagine where we want to go.

This work is personal to me. Choosing to discontinue our wholesale business in order to hone our focus on producing fresh product exclusively for was a hard decision to make and is a significantly harder one to share. Our retailers have become more than colleagues. They are our longtime friends, collaborators, and cheerleaders. Often, it was at the enthusiastic recommendation of our partners that many of you first learned of us.

Yes! Because of the shelf life and micro-batching, May is incredibly conscious of who sells her products. However, you can still get them in stores like Aillea and The Detox Market. But you can also check their stockist list here.

Around mid-June, I received an email from May Lindstrom (newsletter) that she will be launching a great offer on 22/6. Come 22/6, the offer was revealed that if you purchase over $200 of her products (USD of course), you get a full-size The Youth Dew worth $140 absolutely free. Spending over $200 also gets you free shipping worldwide and you get two free samples with every purchase.

Quick update. I was alerted on 1st July that my parcel has arrived at customs, but it was on hold with DHL for Ministry for Primary Industries checks as the Honey Mud contains honey. We are very careful with imported products with honey here in New Zealand, so I totally understand. They wanted information in regards to the % of the honey in the product and I contacted the May Lindstrom team right away. I was blown away by how amazing the customer service is with her team. Steph, who was dealt with me via email, updated me along the way, she contacted her DHL rep on her end to sort things out. I sat back and just let her handle it and she literally updated me at least 3 times within 10 days to keep me in the loop. I finally received my items on 12th July!

Indeed, regarding her products, May has a very high quality demand! Each product is formulated, hand blended and bottled by May and her team in her private California studio. She controls precisely what goes into the composition of her products, avoids unnecessary chemicals, and favors small producers for her ingredients, with whom she has a trustworthy relationship for years.

May Lindstrom is often referred to as a "Skin Chef," and one of the things we love about her collection of products is how well they work when mixed together. These products aren't skin type specific because you can combine them to suit your skin and address concerns like acne, dullness, and sensitivity as they arise. Cool, right But where does one start We asked May to lead us through her favorite product combinations by skin concern. We hope you love these fun skincare recipes as much as we do.

And if you'd like to get to experience the products with a gifted facialist, we're introducing 30-minute May Lindstrom facials at our SF studio with our esthetician, Sarah. For more information about our facials and to book, click here.

Ready to dig into these lusciously luxuriant products Click here to shop the line, and if you're in San Francisco, stop by our


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