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Vbreformer Professional Edition

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Vbreformer Professional Edition

VBReFormer Professional is the most advanced publically available software in Visual Basic 5 & 6 decompilation technology.Design recovery:VBReFormer is a solution for recovering the design of each form and control, with all properties, values, all reference to external controls (ActiveX libraries), and all pictures. Then with VBReFormer you can obtain the necessary information to re-write the graphical design of your application without executable Visual Basic code...Design recovery means recovery of information about the user interface structure of the executable you want to analyze. VBReFormer succeeds where others resources editors fails: editing the static design properties of Visual Basic 6 applications easily and without limitation of size, working directly on your binary (very useful for translating your application into another language for example). The changes aren't limited in size because VBReFormer includes a "post-build compilation" technology which integrally re-build the binary code that holds the form design information.Code recovery:VBReFormer is able to disassemble all the forms and all controls in your application (if it was compiled with the native code option), recover all subroutines, runtime and API calls.Then VBReFormer attempts a native decompilation of basic code, without any warranty of success considering it is an experimental decompilation process.Note: VBReFormer is not able to disassemble and attempt decompilation if the program is compiled to PCode for the moment. If you require more functions, you need to purchase VBReFormer Professional Edition. d2c66b5586


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